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We are bakers, but we are parents too.  We bake our Goldfish® crackers with smiles and ingredients that you can feel good about.

Our crackers are always baked, with no artificial colours or flavours, and are always a good source of fun.


Wheat flour

We source wheat and whole grain wheat flours milled from high quality wheat grown in the US and Canada.

Authentic Ingredients

We start with smiles and add in ingredients, many of which can be found in household pantries, such as sugar, honey, and cocoa in our Goldfish® Grahams.

Cheddar Cheese

We use real cheese in every batch of Goldfish® Cheddar crackers. It is specially aged for months to give the crackers their distinctive sharp flavour.


Enzyme modified cheese

Goldfish® Flavour Blasted® crackers contain seasonings which contain enzyme modified cheeses. These cheese products use a microbial sourced rennet and/or enzymes to coagulate the milk.

Spice Mix

We use paprika, celery, spices and onion powder as flavourings in the dough.

Autolyzed Yeast

Autolyzed yeast is used to add a savory flavour to the crackers.


We use table salt to add seasoning and flavour.

Lactic acid

A milk acid, this is the acid usually found in yogurt and other fermented dairy products. It is used in our Goldfish® Flavour Blasted® cracker varieties to aid the flavour profile.

Vanilla Extract

Vanilla extract contributes to the overall vanilla flavour experience in some of our varieties such as Goldfish® Grahams Vanilla Cupcake.

Soy Lecithin

Used in Goldfish® Grahams Vanilla Cupcake frosting as an emulsifier.

Natural flavours

A common term for flavours which give products their distinctive tastes. Natural flavours, oils or extracts can be derived from a wide range of foods such as fruits, vegetables and herbs. We choose natural flavours in order to avoid using artificial flavours.

Citric acid

The citric acid we use is derived from either sugar beet or corn crop. We use the acid in our Goldfish® Flavour Blasted® cracker varieties to aid the flavour profile.


Enriched Wheat Flour

As with all flour sold in Canada, this flour is enriched with thiamine (vitamin B1), riboflavin (vitamin B2), niacin (vitamin B3), folic acid (vitamin B9), and iron. The flour we use is made from soft red winter wheat grown in the US and Canada.

Whole Grain Wheat Flour

Derived from the wheat grain, the types of flour that we use in our Goldfish® Whole Grain Cheddar crackers and Goldfish® Grahams help to provide a desired textural experience. This flour is milled to preserve the whole grains.



Annatto is used in cheddar cheese to give it the orange hue. The coloring is extracted from the reddish seeds of the achiote tree, which grows in tropical climates.


A dark syrup made from sugarcane provides texture, color, and the unique molasses flavour.

Corn Starch

Helps to give the shiny appearance on the top of our Goldfish® Grahams Honey Bun and Vanilla Cupcake.

Cocoa Seasoning

We use this dark colored and flavorful cocoa powder made from the cocoa plant to contribute to the chocolate flavor and appearance in our Goldfish® Chocolate Brownie Grahams.


Yeast – in combination with leavening agents

We use Yeast to give the crackers their distinctive puffiness. We use other ingredients like baking soda, baking powder, monocalcium phosphate and ammonium bicarbonate to help the crackers rise in the oven. Sugar is also required to activate the yeast.


In North America, approximately 90% of all canola, corn, soybean and sugar beet crops are grown from genetically modified seeds. Farmers have been using these seeds for more than 20 years, as they are safe, reduce costs and improve yields.

The ingredients in Cheddar Goldfish crackers that may be derived from these crops are:


Vegetable oil


Cornstarch, corn syrup solids


Soy lecithin, vegetable oil

Sugar beet

Molasses, semi sweet chocolate, brown sugar, sugar, marshmallows, fructose

Non-GMO ingredients

All other ingredients including honey, and vanilla extract are not genetically modified.


Pepperidge Farm® follows all government regulations regarding the labeling of our products. Health Canada has identified 10 substances most frequently associated with food allergies and allergic-type reactions.  The 10 priority food allergens include peanuts, tree nuts (almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, pecans, pine nuts, pistachios and walnuts), milk, eggs, seafood (fish, crustaceans, shellfish), soy, mustard, sesame, sulphites, wheat, and other cereal grains containing gluten (barley, rye, oats and triticale).  When present in our products, we list those ingredients in the product ingredient statement, no matter how small the amount might be.



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